Disney Imaginations Competition 2015: Atlas

Atlas is a touring pavilion that transports guests from their town into the heart of an interactive dream journey. Using projection mapping, special effects, and stage rigging techniques, guests are immersed into the world of the tree, and magical scene changes move them from one land to another.

This project was a submission for the 2015 Disney Imaginations Competition. The challenge for 2015 was to design a themed entertainment experience that travelled to small towns across the USA. I worked with three students from UC Berkeley to conceptualize the experience, contributing heavily to the concept art and story development. Our submission received semifinalist recognition.

Working Process

Throughout the project, our team strived to create something that emphasized:

  • transportability - this is a traveling show, so it should be relatively feasible to move
  • interactivity - guests participate in the story
  • magical experience - using technology in a seamless way

From the beginning, we were inspired by the story of Walt Disney and his "dreaming tree" - a tree in his hometown that he sat under to write the famous stories that we all know today.