About Me

Hello! I'm Gina, and I'm a recent graduate of industrial design at Carnegie Mellon University. After taking a break from school, I'm currently working at a Team Lead at the amazing Philz Coffee in San Francisco, and I'm looking to re-enter the design field with my new experiences and perspective!

I believe in the power of design, big or small, to make a positive change in people's lives. I'm interested in designing novel experiences that provide opportunities to discover new perspectives and possibilities within the everyday. 

Growing up in San Diego, I naturally developed a love for the ocean, the sun, and avocados. I'm an avid attendee of San Diego Comic-Con (11 years now!) and fanatic of all things nerdy. My passion for making is a common thread throughout my life, but it really took off when I started making costumes for Comic-Con. It's a strange pastime, but it taught me a lot about the way that design and stories affect people and society.

Talk to me! 

email: ginawhuang@gmail.com